How it Works

Setting Up the Full Length Hammock

The straps will have to attach to the roll bar in the front. One for the passenger side and one for the drivers side. Hold the loop on one end of the strap and feed the tail end of the strap through the loop at the desired position along the roll bar. For any 2 door wrangler the ideal position is farther towards the front and for the 4 door the ideal position will be near the pillar. Pull the strap tight and adjust the metal buckle. 
~ Example for 2 door loop and tighten the strap towards the front ~
~ Example for 4 door loop near the pillar and pull to tighten ~
To maximize the use of the trunk space, the roll bar clamps must be installed. This will give you a point to attach the hammock in the back corners. Tighten using an M6 Allen key flush to the roll bar, screw in the supplied eye bolts, and attach the steel carabiner. This will be repeated on both sides in the trunk. 
~ Example tighten the clamps ~
 ~ Example Screw in the eye bolts and attach the steel carabiner ~
The hammock will attach to the clamps with the steel carabiners and to the straps around the roll bar with the aluminum carabiners. Total of 4 points to hang.
~ Example Attach the Hammock to the Clamps ~
~ Example Adjust the buckle in the front and use the carabiner to hang ~
You now have a full length hammock inside your Jeep!
~Example 2 Door ~
~Example 4 Door ~

Setting Up the Adaptable Hammock

The JKloud Hammock can hang from any of the 16 grommets lining the border. With 4 straps and so many points to attach on the roll bar the variety of ways to hang the hammock are endless. With roof racks this works great. 
~ Example Hang the hammock from any of the 16 grommets ~
~ Example Hang in an Endless Variety of Ways ~ 

Hang Even Higher and More Adaptable With Roof Racks

The straps have the ability to loop around and endless amount of places in your Jeep Wrangler. The amount of ways to hang is only limited to your imagination. Know the limits of what your aftermarket accessories can handle. Your gear your risk! This is how I set it up on my roof racks. 
~ Example loop straps around the roof rack ~
~ Hang High Above Lots of Gear ~

Setting Up The Cargo Cover

The cargo cover will be utilized by using 2 straps, 4 aluminum carabiners, and the luggage tie down points in the trunk space. First step its to cover your cargo and clip into the luggage tie downs through any of the 16 grommets with the carabiner. 
~ Example Clip in using the carabiners at 2 Points ~
Next step is to adjust the straps. The straps are 8' long and since the buckle can adjust anywhere we recommend leaving the straps around the roll bar and simply adjusting the strap from there. Run the tail of the strap under the front seat rail on both passenger and driver sides and follow with the buckle. Attach the hammock on any grommet and pull to tighten. If you do not want to leave the straps on the roll bar simply loop and tighten them around the seat rails or any other secured mounting position. The options are plentiful in the Jeep Wrangler. 
~ Example run the strap under the  front seat rails and tighten ~
If you want to cover just the trunk space with the rear seats up you can continue to feed the strap through a loop located under the rear seats (accessible while folding). From there clip into any of the grommets to make an adaptable cover for your cargo. 
~ Example feed the straps under the seat ~
~ Example trunk cargo secured with the seats up ~

Setting Up The Sunshade

The sunshade will secure using the grommets and the various size bungee balls. They will be looped around the roll bar and will fit tight and snug. 
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