Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do we ship internationally?

We sure do! Click here for some useful information

  • What is the weight capacity for the JKloud hammock?

The advertised weight limit is 350 lbs. This has been tested with over 500 lbs and even 3 people. The 4 door models are more spacious than the 2 doors models to accommodate 2 people. 

  • Does the hammock work with the sky one touch roof?

Yes it does! The straps need minimal space to wrap on the roll bar and you can put them in any location. 

  • While using it as a sunshade does it keep out light rain?

Yes it will even block heavy rain. The only place it may sneak in is the couple inch gap on the front of the sunshade where it attaches. The sunshade has actually kept my Jeep dry in an extremely heavy downpour. 

  • Can you use the hammock when the is a soft top installed? The hardware for the soft top hooks to the roll bar. 

Yes the hammock can be used when there is a soft top installed. The clamps will install on the bottom part of the roll bar in the trunk area. 

  • Does the sunshade block all sunlight or does it still allow a little bit to go through?

The sunshade will block 99% of sunlight and UV rays. It is a solid cover. 

  • Is there any version that will work for a LJ?

We can make a custom version for the LJ. The hammock will be the size of the JKU 4 door but have different clamps for the roll bar. The only downside is that the sunshade will not go on as tight as the intended design. Need one? Visit our Contact Us Page.

  • Is the hammock comfortable for two people?

We love the hammock for a date night! The four door models will be more spacious than the two door models. We have also spent the whole night sleep in it with two people in the four door models. Everyone has their different comfort level and we were fine sleeping in it but would not want to do so for more than two nights. It is not common to have two people in a hammock anyways. Our favorite is going to a drive in movie and being together in the hammock. 

  • Is it difficult to install the hammock?

The installation is fairly simple. Install the clamps on the roll bar and hang the straps in the front on the roll bar. The two door models need to have the rear seats removed and the JL and JLU versions need to trim the plastic around the roll bar for a one time installation.