Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) Does the JKloud Hammock work for a 2 Door JK?

(A) The JKloud Hammock Kit for the 4 Door was designed specifically for that. The components will work on the 2 door but the supplied bungee balls and the lengths of the hammock are fit perfectly for the 4 door. There will be a 2 door version released so please stay tuned. 

(Q) Does the JKloud Hammock work for the Jeep Wrangler JL?

(A) The JKloud Hammock was designed for the JKU only. The clamps for the roll bar do not work on the JL therefore it does not give you the proper attachment point along the roll bar. There will be a version designed for the JL so please stay tuned. 

(Q) What is the return policy?

(A) Please visit to view the return policy or click here.