[jeep hammock] - [Jeep Gear]
[jeep hammock] - [Jeep Gear]
[jeep hammock] - [Jeep Gear]
[jeep hammock] - [Jeep Gear]
[jeep hammock] - [Jeep Gear]
[jeep hammock] - [Jeep Gear]
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JKloud Hammock fitted for Jeep Wrangler JK 2 Door

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The JKloud Hammock is the Perfect Accessory for Your Jeep Wrangler. Great for Camping, Tailgating, Relaxing in your Jeep, or Taking a Jeepnap

Why chose the JKloud? Because One JKloud DOES IT ALL! All Functions Setup In Minutes

  • Hammock, Sunshade, and Cargo Cover. One JKloud Does it All. Made in the USA and Designed With Attention to Detail
  • Hammock Works with the ROOF ON or ROOF OFF. Roll Bar Clamps Utilize the Full Length of the Jeep Wrangler While Keeping you Elevated
  • Full Length Eclipse Sunshade Blocks 99% of UV Rays and is Extremely Weather Resistant. Enjoy Full Sun Protection While Staying Cool
  • Cargo Cover Keeps Cargo Out of Sight Deterring Thieves and Keeping Cargo Clean. Great for Life on the Trails or In the City
  • Fast Easy Setup and Built to Last for Years While Using All Functions. One Function Transitions to the Next Very Quickly

Purchase Includes

  • 1 x JKloud Fabric 45’’ W x 56’’ L
  • 4 x Adjustable Straps for Endless Hanging Options
  • 2 x Roll Bar Clamps Attach to the Rear Point of the Roll Bar
  • 4 x Aluminum Carabiners with Logo Etched
  • 2 x Steel Carabiners with Logo Engraved
  • 14 x Bungee Balls for the Sunshade
  • 1 x Instruction Manual + Decal

Hammock Highlights

  • Only Hammock Designed Specifically for the Interior of the Jeep Wrangler with the ROOF ON or ROOF OFF. Stay Inside + Stay Cozy
  • Holds up to 350 lbs + Room for Two.
  • Comfortable. Hang on 4 Points so you Don’t Sink In
  • Elevate Above the Trunk Space. Fit Gear Under and Around. Great for Camping, Napping, and Relaxing Anywhere.
  • Adaptable Size. Hang From any Ring Around the Border to Adjust Size.

Sunshade Highlights

  • Covers the Full Length for Ultimate Sun Protection
  • Blocks 99% of UV Rays. Keep Cool
  • Extremely Weather Resistant. Designed to Repel Water + Lasts Years in Direct Sunlight

Cargo Cover Highlights

  • Keep Cargo Away from View. Secure and Prevents Opportunistic Thieves
  • Secures Gear While on the Trail + Keep Cargo Dust, Mud, and Water Free

Material Highlights

  • Made in the USA Military Spec 1000 Denier Solution Dyed Nylon. Resistant to Water, Abrasion, Tearing, and Fading.

Our Goal is to Provide a Long Lasting Accessory + Customer Satisfaction. Find us @JKloud_ and use #Jeepnap

Verified Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great product

Works just as advertised. Well thought out design to make full use of the space limitations in the 2 door wranglers. Sunshade is really nice

Casey W.
Rollbar clamps didn’t fit

It’s expensive, couldn’t use the clamps, scratched up my rollbar trying to tighten the clamps down, material seems to have a little too much stretch. All that said, it’s still the best option I know for sleeping in my 2-door.

late nite nap interrupted

on a late night drive home i felt the need to pull over at a roadside rest stop and catch a few zzzzs, so i set up the jk hammock in minutes climb in and pass out only to be awaken from a tap tap and a bright flash light in my face from the local CHP officer wanting to know if i made the hammock i was laying there in or where i purchased it at. He had never seen anything like it and was obviously serious about getting one for his own personal jeep so i told him the name of the product and website, and he apologized for waking me thanked me and was on his way. just one of many naps ive taken in the hammock. great product with great customer service.

You need this product!

This product is possibly the most handy thing for a Jeep. Keeps the sun off of me when I have the hardtop off. It doubles as a hammock that I like to lay in while I stargaze. NOT TO MENTION THE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I was missing some straps and bungees and I hit up the Patrick the owner of the company and he supplied me with brand new straps and bungees. Now my JKloud stays taut and doesn’t flap around in the wind. I highly recommend this product!

Jeremy M
Great use of space in the JK

What a cool way to maximize the space in my little Jeep! The hammock setup super easy and the best part is the fact that I can lay above my stuff and not have it bother me. Being 5'10 I was worried about the size and comfort but the JKloud did not disappoint. I'd recommend this to my friends.