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[jeep hammock] - [Jeep Gear]
[jeep hammock] - [Jeep Gear]
[jeep hammock] - [Jeep Gear]
[jeep hammock] - [Jeep Gear]

Spunkin Tailgate Trim Plate with Silkscreen Graphic

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The JKloud Trim Plate is a Great Accessory to Add a Pop of Color to the Tailgate of Your Jeep Wrangler!

Why Chose the Trim Plate? The Trim Plate Adds a Personal Touch and a Pop of Color to Your Jeep Wrangler Tailgate! Installation is Easy!

Trim Plate Highlights

  • High Quality Aluminum that is Anodized for Corrosion Resistance
  • With Many Color Options Available Pick Your Favorite
  • The Pop of Color Stands Out Every Time Your Tailgate Opens
  • Great Gift Idea for Anyone with a Jeep Wrangler
  • Made to Last Many Years in all the Elements Your Wrangler Encounters
  • The Silkscreen Design Looks Sleek on the Anodized Aluminum Trim Plate

    Material Highlights

    • Aluminum with a Bright Dip Anodized Coating Built to Last
    • The Silkscreen has been Sealed for Long Lasting Protection 
    • Made in the USA

    Installation Instructions

    • Use a Flathead Screwdriver to Press the Tabs in on the Factory Trim Plate
    • Insert the New JKloud Trim Plate and the Tabs Will Click Into Place

    Have You Seen the JKloud Hammock? It's a Multipurpose Hammock, Sunshade, and a Cargo Cover. One JKloud Hammock DOES IT ALL!

    Our Goal is to Provide a Long Lasting Accessory + Customer Satisfaction. Find us @JKloud_ and use #Jeepnap.